MailPoet Review – #1 Ultimate Email Marketing Plugin

In this article, we are going to reveal our MailPoet review.

Every online business should know that it is vital to acquire a strong, faithful and unique audience.

For that, email marketing has shown up.

Email campaigns and email lists have always been something that every blogger or business owner would take into account.

You can do it through a variety of tools and WordPress plugins, but today we will focus only on MailPoet.

MailPoet Review Summary

MailPoet is one of the most useful email marketing plugin for WordPress websites. It offers various features such as different content styles, signup forms, custom email campaigns, and more. Overall, the pricing is great, primarily based on how many subscribers you wish to manage with it.



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Overall Rating:


MailPoet Pros

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Starts at $149/ year.

What is MailPoet?

First, I want you to know that MailPoet is an email marketing plugin.

With it, you can create newsletters, send welcome emails and so much more.

You can use it to design attractive signup forms, collect and manage subscribers, and send newsletters and other promotional emails.

MailPoet can also be integrated with WooCommerce to automatically send updates about new products to your subscribers.

Also, MailPoet has a lot of features worth mentioning, and these are:

  1. Customizable sig-up form
  2. Customizable emails
  3. Pop-up/ Slide-in/ Static forms
  4. In-depth analytics
  5. Subscriber database\
  6. Multiple lists for 1 website
  7. Segmentation
  8. “Import from Mailchimp” available
  9. Email template library
  10. Drag-and-drop editor
  11. “Woocommerce” integration available
  12. Welcome emails

Now that you know what MailPoet is, let’s go deeper.

About email marketing plugins

Before diving deeper into this MailPoet review, let’s first understand how such plugins work at their most basic level.

How they work

These kinds of plugins are designed accordingly, and have one simple purpose:

Turn your website visitors into faithful community members.

You do that by collecting emails.

People sign up for your newsletters, then start receiving your business emails – and yes, MailPoet is also an email campaign tool.

Through such campaigns, you get to discover which of your visitors love your website, products, and articles, and which do not.

How they should be

An ideal marketing plugin, from our point of view, should:

  1. Have well-structured data and functions – You should be able to create signup forms in your website’s footer, widgets, or any other area you wish.
  2. Be various – It’s not enough for an email marketing plugin to have only a signup form. MailPoet lets you create and send emails, gather data about your subscribers, and so much more.
  3. Own customization options – Every signup form or email sent must be aesthetic.
  4. Be reliable – Update 24/7 is something vital for your email campaigns, so your plugin should be updated every time it needs to.
  5. Have a big email capacity in its “FREE” plan – MailPoet lets you collect up to 1,000 emails in its free plan, which is awesome!

MailPoet Features

MailPoet review

Here’s what you get when you choose to download the plugin and use for your marketing purposes.

Email Templates

MailPoet’s main feature is the numerous design options it offers.

Over 50 starter email templates are available, which let you choose the design you wish.

You can pick up a layout that works with your theme so that you can showcase the same design style across all platforms.

Also, the drag-and-drop editing makes it easy to customize, as well.

These layouts can be more engaging by adding:

  1. Images,
  2. Service or product features
  3. Blog posts

You don’t even have to copy-paste any elements.

Instead, you can directly select them from the editor.

Signup Forms

With MailPoet you can create beautiful and engaging signup forms to convert your visitors into loyal subscribers.

You can choose what fields you want to include in the form.

Through such signup forms, you can ask your visitors for:

  1. Name
  2. Email address
  3. Birthday
  4. Location

You can customize these signup forms further by changing the layout or position.

These could appear as a pop-up, a sticky bar, at the bottom of your page, or even show up as a widget on your site.

PHP or MailPoet’s own Gutenberg block allows you to place signup forms in areas different from your website’s footer, or a sidebar widget.

Also, note that you do not need any coding while building MailPoet signup forms.

It’s all done through MailPoet’s easy drag-and-drop builder, so you don’t need to worry about any coding knowledge.

List Segmentation

Every powerful email campaign strategy relies on targeted marketing.

Depending on your content engagement, you will create and manage a complex and powerful campaign.

So, with MailPoet you can divide your subscribers into segments, and find out more about how they react to your content, etc.

You can send emails based on who opened your messages and interact with certain subscribers.

There is no limit to how many lists you can create in MailPoet.

Also, subscribers are free to choose to receive email from you or not, making MailPoet a very effective email marketing plugin.

Inactive Subscribers

MailPoet Review

We all know that moment when you text someone and he/she sees you message, but does not reply…

Well, as you may have expected, even subscribers can be inactive one way or another.

Fortunately, MailPoet lets you see that. It gives you in-depth data about who, when, and how many times opened and read your emails.

So, the inactive subscribers can be removed, as it is a waste of time to send an email to someone who is no longer interested in what you offer.

By not removing inactive subscribers, you can actually harm your sender score.

Know that a low email sender score could mean higher bounce rates and lower open rates, which is something you definitely should avoid.

MailPoet automatically detects and removes inactive subscribers from your email list.

This will improve your CTR as well.

Email Analytics

MailPoet analytics

MailPoet offers reports that provide deep insight into the user experience you are providing with your emails.

You can find out how your email campaigns are performing, and collect valuable data on the opening rate.

Through this, higher CTRs are to be expected.

Also, by receiving and analyzing deep insights about your performance over email marketing campaigns, you can find out what you did wrong and improve over time.

With that, a better user experience can be offered through call-to-action buttons and certain subjects, accompanied by beautiful designs and quality content.

MailPoet can be linked with Google Analytics to offer an even deeper insight into your target audience.

Importing Subscriber Lists

MailPoet can easily import your lists through a CSV file upload.

Integration with WooCommerce

MailPoet features

For eCommerce businesses, MailPoet comes and offers the ultimate resources to ensure success.

So, MailPoet can be integrated with WooCommerce.

It has the ability to adapt to your store’s needs better than any other plugin available.

MailPoet enables you to target customers at every stage of their journey, from creating their account on your store to checking out.

Automate the signup form to appear on your WooCommerce checkout page to encourage customers to stay updated with your future new products is available with MailPoet.

From here, targeted email campaigns can be done easily, as you already know your loyal customers.

For the design part, it’s exactly like we’ve mentioned before.

Beautiful templates can be imported, or you can create your own design.

Follow-Up Emails

Follow-up emails are designed to delight and better the user experience.

Examples of follow-up emails are emails containing:

  1. Blog posts
  2. Tutorials
  3. Discount Codes
  4. Product Recommendations
  5. How-to-use

In addition to that, this email can be sent automatically.

How to use MailPoet

Now that you know more about MailPoet, let us guide you about how to use it.

Initial Setup

MailPoet installation

Log into your WordPress account, and go to the “Plugins” section.

Go to “Add New”.

Then, search for “MailPoet”.

Once found, “Install” it.

The plugin will only take a few minutes to install.

 Then click on “Activate”.

Once you’ve installed the plugin, you can opt to subscribe to MailPoet’s official website subscriber list.

We are subscribed to their list, as they provide us and the other subscribers with very useful information about MailPoet and how to use it.

However, you will need a business email to work with.

Personal email addresses are not accepted, because MailPoet has certain Terms Of Usage.

MailPoet protects you from spam and will review your account within the next 24h after the installation progress is completed.

Finally, you’ll need to connect your MailPoet account to the plugin on your site.

The activation key is in the “My Subscribing” area.

Importing contacts

Mailpoet Importing

If you already have a subscriber list, you can import it.

Also, please note that if you already have such a list on MailChimp, the importing process is a little bit different.

Here’s how you should properly do it.

From MailChimp

If you are using MailChimp, go to MailPoet first.

Then, click on “Subscribers” and press “Import New”.

You will be taken to a page where you can import through 3 different options, but go for “Import from MailChimp”.

Enter your MailChimp API key, then wait to be verified on MailChimp.

Select the list you wish to import, and you’re done.

From other email marketing services

If you’re importing contacts from an email marketing service other than MailChimp, you’ll first need to export those contacts into a spreadsheet.

Here are the complete steps you should follow:

  • Log into your account
  • Go to “Lists
  • Click on the list you want to export
  • Select “export” and choose a file type
  • Download the file onto your computer

You can then return to the ‘Subscribers’ area of the MailPoet plugin and click on the ‘Import New’ button.

From here, you can choose to:

  •  “Copy+Paste
  •  “Upload a File

Creating a Signup form

Mailpoet Signup Form

Go to “Emails” -> “Add new” -> “Signup form”.

You can choose to import a pre-made template or create one from scratch.

The drag-and-drop builder will let you customize the text, blocks, and background exactly the way you desire.

Also, know that you have the ability to use CSS.

After you’re finished building it, click on “Preview”.

From here, you can set the signup form’s width, height, and how it appears ( as a pop-up, normal widget, slider from above or below your website, etc.)

Automating emails

Automated email can be:

  • Welcome emails: These emails tend to be the most engaging ones. You can send them when someone subscribes, or after a certain period of time.
  • Latest post notifications: Readers stay up-to-date about your latest posts from your website’s blog area.
  • WooCommerce: Details about future products, offers and product details can be offered to your subscribers.

So, after you have created a signup form and want to start an email campaign, you can easily do that through sending emails to your subscribers and keeping them interested in your content or products.

Analytics are available, as we told you before, and can be very helpful.

So, keep that in mind when using MailPoet, as there are other plugins which do not offer detailed analytics, or do not offer at all……

MailPoet Pricing

All of MailPoet’s features are free until you reach 1,000 subscribers.

After that, plans differend depending on multiple factors such as your list volume and desires.

Down below you can see what are the different plans you can choose from.

MailPoet pricing

You can see more about pricing here.

Final Verdict

MailPoet certainly simplifies email marketing for its users.

The plugin is easy to set up and use.

It offers a lot of functions.

WooCommerce product campaigns can be started and finished just the way you choose, so you can improve your return on investment.

Pricing is great, actually.

We are using MailPoet for over 1 year, and it has never let us down.

So, MailPoet is an excellent tool for starting and full-scale business.


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